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Each modern company time to time needs courier services. Unfortunately not each of them realise how much they could save of their time and corporate funds!

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Each business is unique in its own way, as well as its unique environment. However, all companies are united by the need to work with contractors, and not always you can just directly go to them. Sometimes you need to carry out the shipment of the contract or make the collection of important samples. We know what our corporate clients need and YouSend guarantees fast and profitable delivery in the Baltic States and around the globe.More than 7years we have been helping businesses around the world to grow and establish communication with partners. We know what every business needs.

Last but not least - each courier service has it strong and weak services and countries. One is strong at shipping to EU counties, another is strong when it comes to importing stuff from abroad, the third is good for delivering big size parcels. You will not need to have diffenent contracts and to monitor variety of different services as you will have all of them in the results of our calculator!

  • You will instantly pick offers from all couriers and their services at once!
  • A Lowest Price Guarantee on all deliveries within Europe and beyond! Up to -65% economy comparing to direct contracts with courier companies!
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