Be free to importing goods as easy as sending away

Importing your goods from abroad

Regardless if it is goods for reselling, samples, personal goods or documents, we will make pick up and delivery to Latvia at your request

We made it simple

On a daily basis we help you to be closer with your international partners and private individuals by sending them hundreds of parcels. But sometimes you have to take something back from them. It can be marble samples, bill of landing, or anything else

We realise importance of two-way communication, therefore we offer this service to our clients. All the same couriers and their services such as express or cheaper options.

In another words saying - we welcome you to make imports with us as you can't always do sending only? Don't you?

Good to know

  • You can receive goods in 1 day if needed
  • A Lowest Price Guarantee on all Imports
  • A wider range of international couriers than anyone else